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MSline+ windows

The modern MSline+ PVC windows are our answer to consumers' needs. Thanks to the use of the profile system with an extra centre seal, they not only look beautiful, but also have very good water tightness and insulation.

We have almost 30 years of experience in window manufacturing. As a result, we offer very high-quality products that meet the highest standards.

MSline+ Windows are the latest technology tailored to individual expectations while maintaining a balance between parameters and price.

One of the key elements of MS beyond WINDOWS' offering is its range of more than 40 PVC veneers, allowing you to give your windows individual character.

In our range, we have both the most popular traditional wood-like veneers, which fit perfectly into classic construction, fashionable shades of grey, black and aluminium-inspired veneers.

Profile depth

High-efficiency glass

7-chamber system
Durable colour film in
textured wood Vintage Oak
Reinforcement profile
in wing 2mm

Technical documents

Centre seal

High-efficiency glass

Sash on one plane
with the window profile

Durable film

Reinforcement profile

Corners in V-perfect

FORMA Viso windows

FORMA Viso windows are a flat sash and frame system. Smooth and clean structure. The availability of an extremely narrow flying sash allows the double-sash versions to bring a lot of natural light into the room.

FORMA Viso sashes and frames form one plane from the outside. The profiles used allow assemblies with an extremely narrow escape window (with a width of 124 mm). The use of glass bonding technology guarantees sufficient strength and no deformation in a tight, uniform arrangement.

Windows built on the basis of the Deceuninck system can take on any shape. All thanks to simple geometry and an extensive colour range with 50 types of veneer, divided into four groups: natural wood, coloured wood, satin and metallics.

Technical documents

FORMA windows

FORMA windows are a return to simple geometry and the rediscovery of the power of window shape. Constructions made of Deceuninck profiles are available in many colour variations. Thanks to the availability of numerous veneers, it is possible to obtain a metal or wood effect colour.

Profiles with simple geometry are an ideal basis for creating all kinds of structures - both typical and non-standard shapes. The permitted dimensions for white structures are as follows: 4 m wide and 2.6 m high (maximum area: 7.5 m²). The photo shows the triangular fixed glazing.

Centre seal

High-efficiency glass

Closed reinforcement profile

Durable film
Metallic shade

Corners in V-perfect technology

Technical documents

Folding width -
85 mm (frame/wing)

Outer packaging
(always black)

AERO - profile insulation technology

Frame depth - 77 mm

Blade depth - 81 mm

Premium 86 US windows

The Premium 86 US hidden sash supports integration into the surroundings. The sash hidden behind the frame allows the structure to blend into the building façade, creating external harmony. Aluminium windows are characterised by very good thermal insulation thanks to the use of special profile insulation technology.

The best visual effect is guaranteed by single sash structures. From the outside, they look as if only panes have been installed instead of windows. The hidden sash solution fits perfectly into the entire Premium 86 range - patio and entrance doors, sliding structures and facades.

Technical documents

Premium 86 windows

Premium 86 is the most universal and versatile aluminium system. It allows you to create entrance doors (including panel doors) and patio doors in addition to windows. It is compatible with other sliding door systems and façade solutions.

Premium 86 is the most universal and versatile aluminium system. In addition to the windows, it allows to make entrance doors (also panel) and terrace doors. It is compatible with other sliding door systems and facade solutions.

Folding width - 103 mm

Simple slats

SI - profile insulation technology

Wing flush with frame with an additional seal

Frame depth - 77 mm

Blade depth - 86 mm

Technical documents


Below is an overview of accessories we offer. For a comprehensive and more detailed overview, please contact us and visit our showroom.

Roller shutters

With the right shutters, you will enjoy a more comfortable and secure home, while also saving energy and money.

Flying windows

Fly screens are the ideal solution to keep flies and other insects out while enjoying fresh air.

Window handles

Window handles are an indispensable part of any window, it ensures comfortable operation of your window.



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