Highly flexible solutions for every logistic issue for collecting and sending textiles.


    A fleet of trucks, trailers and vans ensure the prefect solution for transporting your textiles.


    From transporting clothing and shoes up to container shipment to the harbour.


    We can guarantee fast production through a constant supply of raw materials from home and abroad.

  • reach stacker solas weging
    solas weighing

    A complete solution for the new SOLAS legislation: weighing of your sea container as well as providing you with a officially required VGM (Verified Gross Mass).

Specialised in sorting and trading all kinds of (textile) products across the globe.

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PEBS Group

The PEBS Group is one of the largest buyers of second hand clothing and shoes in Belgium. We have various warehouses in Flanders enabling us to operate easily and quickly with respect to collecting textile products.


With dozens of daily shipments of raw materials from home and abroad, we can continually guarantee fast production whereby our customers are never left without products. As we have branches in  Belgium, Poland, Spain, the Autonomous City of Melilla and Ghana we can always deliver goods to every customer on time and accurately.


Our head office is in Bocholt, Belgium and is mainly responsible for all administration related to purchasing and selling goods. This is also the location of the central warehouse, which can be seen as a crossroads of products that are collected on the one hand and are shipped on the other.


The PEBS Group is not only a dealer, our company is also specialised in trading all types of textile products (new and second hand) across the globe. Our production process takes place in Poland where a team of specialised staff are busy sorting, pressing and processing clothing and shoes every day.

In Poland, we also have various clothing/shoe shops, including the largest in Gorzow Wielkopolski with a surface area of no less than 2,000 m²! 


One of our main strengths is our own logistics service:

We have a fleet of trucks, trailers and vans. Our technical equipment includes a Reach Stacker enabling us to load sea containers internally much quicker and easier.  This means we can meet all our customers’ special requirements (such as exceptional freight) as we have highly flexible solutions for all logistical issues.


We are the only second hand textile company providing all the transport ourselves: from transporting raw materials up to container shipment to the harbour.

That is an advantage for both customers as suppliers!

PEBS Construct

Manual demolition

We have extensive experience in delicate, manual demolitions.

Do you have a dockyard that it is impossible to access with a machine? And where staff can only work with powered tools, a wheelbarrow and a shovel?

We have the solution: a motivated demolition team can be of service!

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